Meet the Feather & Branch Team

makers gonna make


Assistant, resin crafter, and staff maker. Aislyn is a low-tech dude with a triple pisces lineup in his astrological chart.


​In his free time Aislyn can be found scouting for new staff-blanks, playing his plethora of flutes, and working to expand the local D&D community.

He occasionally wanders off into the fairy realms and requires retrieval. 

We try our best to keep him grounded.


 Our head maker, artist, artisan, healer, esoteric, and creative soul.

Sundri is a Reiki master, sound healer, and mystic with a passion for helping others empower themselves to shine.

She holds sacred space, teaches classes, and is actively working to build a stronger community of support for the mystic & spiritual community.

You can learn more about her and find out about upcoming groups & events and available readings & sessions with Sundri on her Patreon!


Head gremlin of the shipping department and fairy-hearted keeper of our feathered and furry friends.

Rhai is made of magic.

...and creative explosions.


If you get a package from us, chances are it has been blessed by this star-soul.

This chylde of the wylde commands a small army of parakeets and one very obsessive conure, runs D&D campaigns as a homebrew-friendly DM/GM,

and makes fantasy art, writes fanfictions, & builds worlds.

We think she's awesome.