M.E.A.D. Tokens

Magic | Ether | Art | Divination

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

MEAD Tokens are our very own collectible coinage for your hoard! Each set of tokens is a limited edition art piece, with new sets released once per quarter. One side contains an engraved image from Sundri's artwork, a gemstone inlay, or resin work (sometimes all of the above!) The other side of each token displays a symbol: a rune, hieroglyph, power word, light language glyph, or one of many other symbolic etchings used by mystic cultures around the world.

What can you do with MEAD Tokens? We use ours for crystal gridding, spellwork, empowering areas of our space with positive energy, charging gemstones, artistic display, fun jewelry, and custom divination sets! We'd love to see what fun things you come up with too! (tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #MEADTokens and send us your post at @Feather.and.Branch and you might just get featured!)

You can collect these token sets for yourself, or bring them to our booth at any of the craft fairs or trade shows we are scheduled to attend and trade them for different token sets you want to collect, discounts on our merch, and even free stuff from our booth!

We totally love these little tokens and we think you will too! Remember that each set has a limited run, so once they are sold out or the next set is issued you won't be able to get that particular set again. If you see a set you love, don't wait! Snag your first set today!

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