Image by Elena Mozhvilo

with Intention

Magic lives here.

We are all sharing this experience of a wonder-filled non-ordinary world; One where magic, creativity, and self-expression are meant to flow freely. We believe our tools and surroundings should reflect this,

because beauty and individuality are a healing vibe.

The Feather & Branch is a team of mystic souls who want to help bring inspiration, joy, and creative energy into our everyday, non-ordinary lives. Each piece in our collection is created with care and intention, lovingly crafted and made with the intention to support positive vibes

for you and your sacred space.

Come see what's new!

Because we are artists we are always in the process of creating new things.

And because we love what we do, we like to put our whole focus into each piece we create.

Many of the wares you find here are one-of-a-kind & limited edition and once gone will be gone forever. So come dig through our treasure chest and claim the wonders within

before they fly away!