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Do you have a loyalty program?

Our MEAD Tokens are our take on customer loyalty & business giveback, with a twist for fun. Check out more information on them and see our gallery of previous token sets HERE.

Do you really bless every item you make?

The short answer is: YES!


We are mystics ourselves and we value truth, intention, and integrity. Each piece we create is given our time, energy, and attention, and a form of blessing appropriate to its nature. So if we make a hand-carved palo-santo Rune set, you can bet we'll have sat in meditation with it under a full moon in council with Odin, while chanting! If we create a mandala to support healing energy in your home it will be Reiki-attuned*! We walk the walk, every day, and totally love our magical non-ordinary lives!

*No claims of magical life-changing instant-fixes here, mind you. We believe in energy, but we are also down-to-earth practical folk who understand that our tools and surroundings support our non-ordinary reality, but also that video games and hollywood set unrealistic expectations.

Not a believer in energy? Consider our wares thoughtfully and lovingly crafted by people who delight in the work that they do and do it to the fullest extent of their abilities. When you eat something that has been lovingly baked, you can just taste the care and devotion put into it, right? The same goes for our wares. We  take our time crafting each piece with care. When we send them out into the world it is with the hope that it will bring joy and brightness to their new home. If we can put a smile on your face just by sending you a box to open, we think that is totally magic! ;)

Do you do custom orders/Do you take art commissions?

Art is often hard to explain to non-artists. Each piece of work in our collection is the culmination of years of training, practice, and determination. Many fine art pieces can take upwards of 40+ hours to make, and some have even been in-progress for years as we discover new techniques that need to be learned in order to flow their full potential. We are able to craft the pieces we make at the prices we do because the costs of this developmental process have already been paid for those pieces. But a commission can mean venturing in directions we haven't been, learning skills or techniques we haven't tried, purchasing materials that may only be used for this one thing, and failed attempts that can be expensive in time and matter.

So we do not take custom orders or commissions, because your cost would be too high. We will happily take ideas and suggestions, and if the Muses move us we may create something amazing together! We value the relationships we have with our customers too, so if you have inspired a piece you can bet we'll give you credit and even a shout-out for the gift of inspiration!

What shows can we find you at in-person?

2020 brought about a world of change for all of us, and sadly we are still in pandemic-mode here. This means we won't be doing any shows or expos for a bit longer, but don't worry - we'll be back on the road again soon and we're making good use of the time in-between! We are currently anchored in Central Nebraska, so Mystic Fest, ZenFest, and the Wyobraska Metaphysical Fairs are on our watch list. If you'd like to find out about when & where to come meet us in person, follow us on Facebook & Instagram and we'll keep in touch!

Have a question you don't see here?

We're happy to help whenever we can! You can reach us by message on any of our social media spaces, or email us directly at

If you have questions regarding an order you've placed, please email us directly or call the customer care number found on your order confirmation or our contact page.